Friday, February 22, 2019

Linked Hinge Binding - Proof of Concept

A simple binding based on interlocking tabs made from stock cut to 7.5" x 11".
The tabs are glued down as each page is assembled.

Spine View

1.5" score along the spine,  5 equal 1.5" sections cut into tabs. 

Cut half the pages to remove three sections and half with two sections removed.

Interlocking the three tab cover with a two tab page prior to gluing.

Interlocking the previous two tab page with a three tab page.

Glue down three tabs.

Glue down two tabs.

Working the spine against a straight edge to maintain alignment.

Three tab rear cover being slipped back through the previous page.

All in all a simple construction that could be assembled from letter size stock or smaller. The trick is keeping the spine edge aligned as it wants to creep, then square the fore edge after assembly in the book shear. For convenience, this POC with assembled with double stick tape though PVC glue would be necessary for a finished book with wax paper inserted between pages for protection and the entire assembly dried under some weight overnight.

*The cover could be made from 2 x width material folded in half with the fold being the fore edge and the leaves glued to a three tab page section.  

Note: Never assume all letter stock is either square or actually 8.5"x11".
For this simple little project, I had to both square "and" trim the papers to length.