Monday, October 1, 2018

Monday Muse - Anticipation

September was a month for anticipating the new camera technology to be introduced at the Photokina, followed by endless First Impression and Unboxing post on the Internets. While admitting to a photo geeks interest in technology, nothing was presented that would take the images “I didn’t make” with my once latest and greatest Fuji camera, though I am overjoyed for the people who will benefit from the new gear. My friend at the camera store said: “I hate to say it but what you have suits you just as well as the new camera”. [Was that a backhanded assessment of my meager ability ; ]. Let’s face it, you can “not make” an image on any camera,…do it all the time with my iPhone…at some point you have do something. Now I have October free to anticipate what MacBook announcement Apple will not make.