Monday, September 17, 2018

Monday Muse - Juanan Requena

Mask Shadows

The feminine side of Florence came through the Bluegrass today with a soft, gentle rain that any real street photographer would be working. Were it simply a matter of walking out my door to work an hour on the street I would be doing so, but as a close-in suburbanite, I rarely make the effort, which in turn brings up the question of commitment. It’s actually a connection issue I find difficult to resolve.

Meanwhile, I take the easy out and hop online with a pleasant cup of coffee accompanied by a new post from one of my favorite book artist, the Spaniard Juanan Requena a snapshot artist who specializes in roughshod collaged photo diaries and similarly irreverent exhibitions of single images. Spain is an epicenter for the photobook allowing Requena to build a workshop industry around the notoriety of his first published book Al Borde de todo Mapa being selected as Spain’s 2017 National Book of the Year. [trans: On the edge of every Map - sold out - edition of 1,500] Note the book can be viewed by clicking on the main image then right arrow key. Update: Vimeo Video

Or…how to make a post from another person's post.