Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Night Market

I claim no originality for this binding, it was one of the examples in the previously mentioned Claire Van Vliet book. What appeared to be complex proved straightforward when underway. The study was made twice full size from flooring paper and coverstock so I could experience the nuances of the handwork and form an opinion for the materials to be used on the concept dummy. The pink concertina spine was punched and slots cut following the template shown in the foreground of the center image. The black cardstock pages also have slots cut to receive the concertina. I located the slots with punch marks made with the needle awl, then cut between the dots. The assembled construction suggest the need for more pages with the final size to be determined by the widest paper on hand from which to make the concertina. I have the images from last years night market so I will pound this one out soon.