Monday, June 4, 2018

Monday Muse - Truncated Diamond Model

Continuing the paper folding with the proof of concept model for a slot and tab Truncated Diamond fold with front and back patches glued down. Model made from letter-size Kraft paper with a 2 3/4" binding strip of folded cover stock. The concept suggests contrasting colors, textures, and materials. Perhaps the diamond shapes might be cut from double-sided photographic prints and the squared pages from hand textured Bristol for stiffness. The interior tab element might also be expanded to receive content. While I've not encountered this technique…no doubt it has roots in something developed by Hedi Kyle.

Update 5/4/18 Just ran across a very similar approach on Pinterest called the "Australian Reversed Piano Hinge". Rather than slot and tab interlocking, it used a thin strip of paper slid through the tab as locking device…otherwise ; ]



Interior Diamond

Interior Tab

Expanded Interior