Monday, March 6, 2017

Monday Muse - 10 Reasons to F

SOOC 1/1000 f/2 ISO 200
The triad of camera, computer, and printer are essential to my craft, and this being the year for upgrading my devices, I am pleased that "good enough" has finally arrived. It seems I've spent the past thirty years anticipating and chasing one technological thing or another. My worn out printer has been replaced by an Epson SC-P600, there is strong evidence that Apple will release a Kaby Lake successor to my aging 13" MacBook Pro, and "that camera" that I've been waiting several years for is in my hand. As a street and fine art stills photographer, with a bent towards simplicity in images and equipment, the Fujifilm X-100F fills my requirements handsomely. Apologizing in advance for this gear-centric post…what is it about the X-100F that places it above it predecessors?

1 - 24 MP Sensor. Shooting from the hip sometimes requires straightening or cropping.
2 - Acros Film Simulation. Beautiful straight out of camera JPEG's!
3 - Increased Performance. The new processor speeds overall camera operation.
4 - Faster Auto Focus. AF is now a viable option w/ AFL/AEL assigned to F-Lever button i.e. Front button focus!
5 - Larger Battery. Interchangeable with other Fuji cameras, the level indicator is more accurate, though overall battery life is similar. 
6 - Close Focus. Full time focus to 3.9”, no more switching to Macro mode and forgetting about having done so.
7 - Redesigned Housing. All back plate controls or on the right for convenient one hand operation, and it fits my hand better.
8 - Focus Point Adjustment. A handy Joystick to quickly navigate menus, or move the focus point at ease, with a convenient option to lock focus to a specific point for focus/recompose.
9 - Digital Teleconverter. The implementation is sufficient for use in a pinch with quick activation via the Control Ring. 
10 - Hard Button Format. Press and hold the Trash button, then press in the R-Dial to Format the SD card. Wahooo!!!

All of the goodness from previous versions of the series has been retained. The stalwarts; Optical Finder, silent Leaf Shutter, built-in 3 stop ND Filter, and Film Simulations are all there, in addition to the Fuji gestalt of easy to navigate Menus, Buttons, and Dials with multiple configuration options including None. Worth mentioning and new to the series is the My Menu equivalent of the Quick Menu.

What I don't particularly care for: the ISO dial implementation, the Front-Dial, the physical location of the Q-Menu button or the menu option to disable it-My Menu serves the same purpose, and MF Focus distance being reset to 2mm/6.57ft whenever the camera sleeps or is turned off.

The 100 series are small, horses for courses kinds of cameras that appeal to those who know how to use a camera to make an image, those who find the simplicity of a fixed 35mm equivalent lens a refreshing relief from carrying a heavy camera/bag and the decisions it implies, and those who actually prefer the in-camera JPEG’s in contrast to the time consuming processing of large RAW files.  

It’s a runner with heart!