Monday, July 4, 2016

Monday Muse - OutofChicago

My expectations for OutofChicago were most meager. I had never attended a photo conference, hadn’t attempted street photography in a major city, nor ever received any photographic instruction. I was there to have fun, meet some people…and with a chill attitude…let the overall experience be the measure. I arrived in Chicago late afternoon the day before, and spent the evening pounding the streets just to get it out of my system…hoping to get by bearings and a feel for the place. [Neither] The real work was to begin in the two days to follow.

I was most fortunate to have been paired off with a great young guy who had signed up for exactly the same activities…what are the chances of that? Besides being an awesome person, he proved to be a reliable shooting partner, who having once lived in downtown Chicago, always knew exactly where we were, leaving me free to concentrate on the subject at hand.

It’s a waste of time to evaluate the hefty expense of attending the conference in relation to what I was taught, as contrasted to what I learned on my own. Would I do the conference again…no…but the experience did fit into where I currently find myself in street photography. I returned with a recognizable confidence and greater understanding of what it is I’m trying to accomplish.