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Eyelet Book w/ Foldout Pages
As of December 2019 my ordinaryimages dot com domain will expire. This page will continue to be hosted at Please update your Bookmark as necessary. Static websites have been superseded by social media, a platform for which I have no interest. Thanks!

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Point of Departure


Life Magazine was a major influence on my generation, but it was a book [now lost] by Ralph Gibson that led me to buy a camera. I can’t remember the title of the book, but in it were lots of carefully composed graphic black and white images of the ordinary, likely the influence for my nom de plume, ordinaryimages. Gibson recounted Dorothea Lange’s criticism, “your photographs need a Point of Departure” [what?] which he describes as: “Every image has to be part of an on-going project. Otherwise, you don’t have a body of work you just have a box of photographs.” 

Note: I’m reminded of a prominent photographer who over the years tossed prints into various boxes. When the boxes were full, they were called a project.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

SE corner Short & Upper

Fujifilm XT3 56mm @ F 1.2

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Air Affair

While the current base model MacBook Pro might be the better bang for the buck, I passed on the silly Touch Bar and purchased a bumped up specs MacBook Air. As I actually use my laptop as a laptop my decision was based on an honest assessment of my requirements, and the desire for light weight and all day battery. After the first full day of hard use, I still had 28% battery, everything worked perfectly, and the innovative Touch ID was most welcome!

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