Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Bookmaking Links

Bindery 2017


Making Handmade Books Alisa Golden ✮✮✮✮✮
Cover to Cover Shereen LaPlantz
Keith Smith Anything in print is good. Structure of the Visual Book addresses the "Sequence Structure".
Nathan Lyons Notations in Passing, Riding First Class on the Titanic
Digital Alchemy Bonny Pierce Lhotka



RotaTrim Print Trimmer
Ideal Kutrimmer 1058 Board Shear
Stillman & Birns Sketchbooks
OLFA Craft Knife [far superior to e-xacto knife]
Alvin Cutting Mat
Alvin Ruler
DURO-0-EDGE Safety Ruler
SCOR-PAL scoring pad
Gane YES! Paste
Dewalt Trigger Clamps
Bricks wrapped in paper for weights

Minimal Kit

Usual Tools

SCOR-PAL for scoring folds in papers, DUR-O-EDGE safety ruler with raised spine to protect fingers from the blade.