Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday Muse - On Toning

When I first began editing digital images in Photoshop, I was determined to process my images in a no tricks traditional way…though I have no experience in the darkroom. Tim Rudman seemed be the gold standard of contemporary darkroom practice at the time and I purchased his books, being particularly enamored with The Photographer’s Toning Book. I do in fact add an ever so slight tone to the shadows only of my black and white prints, but have rarely taken it any further.

In the gloom of the Winter, I decided something more colorful was needed on our walls. Nothing as drastic as a full color print, just something with a warm tone that didn’t look overly contrived. When I taught color theory for artist, my favorite summation was “cutting compliments”. Each color on the color wheel has a compliment i.e. orange/blue, yellow/violet, red/green etc. To wit, a warm red/orange highlight would require a cool blue/green shadow as compliment, and I set about finding the equivalent in the Lightroom Split Tone panel to apply to my monochromatic images. While time will prove the validity of my thinking…things are getting more cheerful around the house.

Edit 01/02/17 After a few days of viewing the toned prints, I reverted to something more conservative ; ]

Note: The tilted low angle composition of the image is called the Dutch Angle. That too can be over done.