Wednesday, December 28, 2016


The conundrum of inkjet printing on bookcloth appears to have been solved. I began the Les Mois series by coating the bookcloth with Golden Clear Gel Medium, letting it thoroughly dry, and printing as Luster on an Epson 3800. The sample size Golden Gel Medium quickly went bad, and as there is no local source for the product, I went on to other less effective processes. As the new Epson SureColor SP-600 renders text very well, I took a flyer on DASS Art Universal Precoat II applied with the suggested coating bar. The results were most acceptable printed on the SP-600 with a Luster profile, lets hope the coating has a shelf life as it's rather expensive at $30 for 16oz. The coating bar needs deburring before use i.e. trim the extraneous raglins, remove lint with a tack strip, then lightly wash under the tap and let thoroughly dry.