Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday Muse - So What!

In the creative process there comes a time when things go stale, when the work seems just another coat of paint over old bones, compounded by being bombarded daily with images and information until, at least I, get to the point of saying…So What!

For me the solution is to step back into my personal space, reconsider the work itself, and the doing. From it’s inception this page has been about the ordinary, with the burden being placed on the interpretation of the single image. After years of producing single images, the challenge is to draw on that experience to present a new body of work that delivers…That’s What!

The book form provides the opportunity to assemble a body of interrelated work that provides some answers, but more importantly…ask some questions. It has also influenced me to begin thinking about the interrelation of frames on the wall. Rather than being individual pretty pictures by a fiddly old man, they might work together as an unapparent whole. Books on the Wall.