Friday, November 18, 2016

…a day in Paris

Blind Post Bind dummy with removable cover secured by recessed magnets to the post bound channel of the image block. Cover image is inkjet printed canvas, the remainder Arrestox bookcloth on Davy Board. 17 1/2" x 8 1/2" or near the practical limit for my six foot pocket bindery ; ]

The project was an exploration of the Sequence imaging process developed by Nathan Lyons. In the Sequence Structure all images are "Dependent" units that preview or reference other images and/or echo common elements. A book so realized shows one thing while suggesting another. It's an outdoor parlour game, but with those principles in mind, I worked in downtown Paris KY [pun intended] for two and a half hours one November morning to gain an understanding of the process in making sequence specific images. As a first effort, I was reasonably satisfied with the project, and will do another with further refinements in an equally exotic location. ; ]


Notations in Passing - Nathan Lyons
Riding First Class on the Titanic - Nathan Lyons
After 9/11 -Nathan Lyons
Return Your Mind to it's Upright Position - Nathan Lyons
Structure for the Visual Book - Keith Smith
Nathan Lyons, Selected Essays, Lectures, and Interviews - Jessica S. McDonald