Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday Muse - What are you doing?

On 10/14/16 I posted my current  WTFAYD? hip pocket portfolio book, which for some, clarifies what it is that I’m up to. For others not so much, leading to the greater question…do I know what I’m up to…specifically? If I can’t answer that…why did I release the shutter? Like everyone, at times I’m just out to get some air, maybe bust a few frames, but honestly those are my least productive outings due an overall lack of focus.

In the frame above I got busted. The guy in the white shirt said, “Did you take my picture?”. I replied, “I was shooting a reflection in the window glass”. “Oh…OK!” I ask him if he would like me to take his picture, was he a celebrity?” “Nah” “Have a nice day!” 

Honestly, I saw the two reflections in the window glass, he just happened to be in the way ; ]