Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday Muse - Shooting from the Hip

The term shooting from the hip refers to making a image while not looking through the camera. My camera is carried in plain sight on a short neck strap with my index finger resting on the shutter button…then it’s simply a matter of two watchful eyes, pointing the lens, and releasing the shutter. There is a certain gestalt in knowing where the lens is pointed without looking at the camera…“offering the lens to the subject”. It takes practice, and a willingness to crop and/or straighten in post. Is it sneaky or gutless, some would say so, street photography for me is not an in your face contact sport…my preference is to capture a candid moment.

My street camera w/35mm equiv. lens is set to Auto ISO 100-6400, Minimum Shutter 1/125, Aperture Priority F8, Manual Focus - pre-focused to [11] feet. In HyperFocal terms, everything from [6] foot to Infinity should be in focus. If there is time or some desired effect, a flick of a switch turns on the all the automagic goodness, and I can hold the camera to my eye for the best possible composition.