Monday, September 12, 2016

Monday Muse - Pop-Up Shows

A Day in Paris - November 18, 2016 - Bodley-Bullock House 5-8PM
Artist Talk - The Sequence as Structure for the Visual Book 6:30PM

To show my work to a wider audience and have some fun, I have expanded my efforts beyond the conventional gallery scene to include alternative spaces and outdoor venues in the form of Pop-Up shows. The success of two previous shows this year in alternative spaces started the thinking process, the only hassle with those shows was chasing down enough display easels, a problem that was solved by the purchase of [20] display easels and the ancillary items necessary to Pop-Up outdoors.

The easels were unboxed to insure proper working order, then a piece of black tape was applied as a stop to position the flip out frame holders and not require eyeball leveling of the frames on location.

Freezer bags were filled with sand for ballast and stuffed into inexpensive shoe bags, and studio muslin clips secure the frames to the easels.

Looks like this in a dry run.

[2] Outdoor Products carry bags for toting the easels.