Monday, September 19, 2016

Monday Muse - Pimping the x100t

I run a lens hood to protect and shield my [filterless] lens from the elements. On the street people have taken the small black camera in my hand as a handgun [police rolled on me once] and a large lens hood identifies it otherwise, while providing a convenient mounting groove for a FotoSharp rain cover on a camera that is not weatherproof.

The Fujifilm lens hood/adapter for the x100t is expensive and to me aesthetically unpleasing, while allowing wet to splash through the vents. How about adapting a 49mm Pentax lens hood? It requires a cheap reversed 49mm filter with the glass broken out, that is carefully pressed, threads first, into the hood in a wood vise. Works a treat and very hipstah…

ps The accompanying hood pouch is perfect for traveling with extra batteries.