Sunday, September 25, 2016

Monday Muse - On Photobooks

Photobooks have rapidly evolved into an art form unto themselves. A pile of nice prints sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard in an on-demand book no longer garners much attention. Concept is king! Everyone is talking projects, storytelling, layout and design. Concept is driving the images being made. After studying the shortlist of several prominent photobook reviewers over the past two years, most of the praised photobooks seem to be the same stuff in a new wrapper…though the possibilities for doing something more substantial are intriguing. 

As a person who insist an image doesn’t exist until it’s printed, the photobook proves a convenient vehicle for presenting prints. When finished, the Les Mois series will contain [240] printed images and require [13] inches of bookshelf. To hang [240] framed letter size prints prints, would take [450] feet of wall…about 1 1/2 football fields…at a minimum cost of $5,000 in readymade frames. What on earth would one do with all those frames? With another $5000 for easels, you could have a $10K halftime Pop-Up show! ; ]