Monday, July 11, 2016

Monday Muse - Bringing it Home

Having returned from a Chicago packed with people, it was a bit deflating to return to the sparse streets of Lexington with far fewer characters. If I remove the homeless, mentally deranged, and people glued to their cellular devices from the milieu…it doesn’t leave for much. I have to get creative in structuring the frames, have lots of patience, and learn to be satisfied with making fewer images. Pounding the streets as I did for the past year is pointless, if something presents itself along the way, well and good, but my search is for a more complex layered image. In the longer view, should I make one successful image a week…that’s a portfolio by year’s end.

To do so, I’m continuously looking for the juxtapositions of interesting structural elements, dramatic light, and any potential for simile, reiteration, irony, or humor. Like a film director, I study the scene, determine the best camera angle and settings, and being so prepared, wait for an interesting subject to pass through. Rarely does that happen, but I will make a few study frames from any subject to prove the concept, then file that location away for future use. In practice, I’m on the lookout for characters, then position myself in the nearest of my inventory of sets, prepare my camera, and wait however long it might take for the character to appear…or 15 minutes.

This study combines a few of the above elements, though a quarter second early.