Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday Muse - X Pro 2

Of course…bigger mo' faster…but that's not the story. This is a responsive instrument with simple analog control of the triangle [aperture/shutter/iso]. Straight off the camera JPEG's in Classic Chrome and Acros simulation are hard to beat.

Edit 03/10/16

With a certain amount of sadness I returned the X Pro 2…something I just don't do. To make a long story short Fuji's awkward implementation of ISO dial in conjunction with the custom EV dial made it slow and tedious to set a manual exposure, as Lightroom's implementation of the new Fuji X-Tran sensor allow for only minimal editing of a JPEG before the files fall apart. All Fuji needs to do is add ISO as a Fn menu item. Adobe is always going to be Adobe. I feel like I've lost three weeks of my life in angst to make five keeper files. I unboxed my XT-10's and consider myself most fortunate.