Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday Muse - Winter Tips

The unseasonably warm month of December has given way to the realities of Winter, making me question the sanity of pursuing the Street when I could be making my funny little still life’s indoors.


We are extremely fortunate in having available an infinite inventory of warm winter clothing and boots. As usual dress in layers, taking a clue from those who must work outdoors…the camouflage of a working person.


Working with gloves presents it’s own brand of mayhem, full of inadvertent button presses. I select my settings, then turn OFF every button function possible, taping down my Aperture and any lever that might get flipped. Essentially I’m working with a point and hope camera with large dial shutter control and exposure compensation. I use a soft release to make the shutter button easier to find with gloves, and turn the camera off between shots. Extra batteries are kept in interior pockets close to my body. 


As bewildering as it seems, Winter offers exceptional potential to capture atmosphere and strong shadows. particularly at first and last light. My friend Steve Cody observed that Winter clothing generally makes human subjects appear more timeless.