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Monday Muse - Chekov's Gun

“Remove everything that has no relevance to the story”

My wife’s friend took two years of Russian to enable reading Chekov in the native tongue…though I wonder it possible given the concessions of teaching a language, dialects, and provincial nuances. My required college reading was from the marginally translated Pocket Chekov, and what I remember was depressing, bleak, brief.  A quick search on Amazon revealed more recent well regarded translations, and I am revisiting them in search of corollaries in the brevity of the impressionist author with the act of making a snapshot.

“You are confusing the two concepts: answering the questions and formulating them correctly. Only the later is required of an author”.

Both attributions in quotations apply equally to the snapshot. The protagonist in Chekov’s stories are but a series of images interpreted in the mind's eye of the reader. 

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…spotted dane

It seems odd to be out working on the street in Lexington after putting together the Color Chicago book…my subconscious needs recalibrating ; ] 

Friday, August 12, 2016

Color Chicago

After putting together the 18 image black&white OutofChicago book, I went back through the images I had made during the three days in Chicago. My x100t was set for Classic Chrome jpeg’s, but I had never seen them in color as my custom Lightroom Preset converts them to monochrome on Import. There were 28 candidates which I Color Graded, cropped to 2.33:1 cine format, then made into this book.  

Drop Spine - Drum Leaf binding on boards, cover inkjet printed on Arrestox. Printed 2 Up on A3 Epson Ultra Premium Luster. Prints approx. 6” x 14.25”. Font: Marker Felt.

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Monday Muse - Color Project

While Rick Sammon was delivering his “How to stay Motivated” keynote at the OutofChicago photo conference, I ducked out for a power nap…my motivation wasn't needing any more motivation. The beautiful out of camera Fuji jpegs I made in Chicago are now being color graded for a cine format book.